To Michele and Dave, from the bottom of our hearts, sincere thanks. We are grateful for you and for this experience. You perfectly illustrate why we do what we do. We consider you our family. Our friends. You were so kind, thoughtful, and adventurous on your wedding day. You had a wave of emotions and endless thoughts to contend with, yet you were ready to be vulnerable and open with us. Gosh. Your wedding was beautiful. Your family and friends were the best. We loved being there for you, and we hope this film of highlights takes you back to all the romance, joy and FUN. And wow, was it fun!

Venue: http://www.theclothmill.com/

Video: https://www.retrosoundfilms.com

Photo: https://www.sarahcstewartphotography.com/

Planning & Design: http://chadbiggs.com/

Gown: https://nybrideofraleigh.com/

Florals: http://www.wildscallionsfarm.com/

Hair & Makeup: https://thebardot.com/