“As we look around in wonder, we can know that all of this was made by a God Whose kindness extends beyond our brokenness, Who never gives up on us.”

The most epic Iceland destination wedding ever. Alicia and Jason’s vows to each other were so beautiful and fitting for this land of stunning power and mystery. Alicia and Jason, we love you. You are some of the most special people we know, and I’m just so thankful for this opportunity to spend time with you in the majestic lands of Iceland.

The turbulence. Customs. A rental car not quite ready. Very cold weather. Wind. Rain. Slipping in the mud. A few times. It was all worth it to have these moments. Lots of memories made. Meeting new people. Hilarious conversations and long car rides across the vast and vacant terrain. Ready to go back for another Iceland wedding! Or Italy, Ireland and France (hint, hint).

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