Weddings are MAGICAL. You plan and plan for a day that will be so incredible, yet will also be gone before you know it. Wouldn’t it be awesome to make sure the day-of experience is without much fuss? We’ve filmed a lot of weddings, and we feel these 5 things are worth thinking about. Hope it’s helpful. Also – congrats to you, and may your lives together be beautiful and sublime!

  • Have some “me” time.
    You’ve got a busy day ahead of you, and it will all go by so quick. You are going to use a lot of energy on stuff and people, so give yourself a few moments to recharge every few hours.

  • Consider asking your guests to “unplug” during the ceremony.
    Not much is worse than looking back at your day and seeing a wave of smart phones everywhere. Consider kindly letting your friends and family know that there will be professionals capturing all the details for them to see later, so turn off the devices and enjoy the day. It’s easy to do this either with signage or through an announcement by the officiant.

  • Hire A Coordinator
    Many brides opt to plan the wedding themselves. If that’s you, you’re a rock star! Consider having a day of coordinator to make sure things run smoothly. The last thing you want to do on the most magical day of your life is to run through the checklist. Let your photo or video team + day of coordinator handle that stuff, so you can live in the moment.

  • Get some alone time with your new spouse.
    One thing that we stress when doing photos or video is to make room in your timeline for 10-15 minutes of time alone with your new guy after formals. You are in for dinner and dancing afterwards, so this is a great time to just refresh and savor this moment before the next few hours of the party begins.

  • Water and protein are your best friends.
    It’s so easy to forget to eat. You are feeling nervous, and your stomach is mad at you. Even if you don’t eat much, a little protein can sustain you. However, hydration is even more important than food, so keep some water bottles handy.

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